A webcast presentation originally held on June 1, 2016 by Simon Russell and Andrew Taylor as part of the CMT Association’s Educational Web Series.

With the great majority of data breaches (IBM says 95%) having their origin in human error and regulators around the world becoming increasingly aggressive toward those who suffer data breaches, it is time to stop fixating on silver bullet automated solutions. We need to stop listening to snake-oil salesman and get back to some basics: education, training, preparation and good managerial supervision.

New laws are being enacted everywhere. These laws come with significant penalties for non-compliance, including stiff fines, public approbation and, in some jurisdictions, jail. Most of these laws also have at least some level of cross-border reach too, so it is vital that custodians know who’s data they have and where it is being stored – and this can be multiple places.

Information Security, which is often misnamed ‘Cyber Security’ is no longer something which can be parked in the IT Department in the hope it can be ignored. It is probably the biggest risk to the health and welfare of all enterprises and must be supervised from the boardroom.