Richard Brath


Richard Brath is a leader in research, strategy, design and development of information visualization and visual analytics for commercial applications. Since 1990, he has been designing and implementing creative and effective visualization systems for real-time, analysis, decision support and reporting applications that deliver significant business impact.  His research interests include exploration of new approaches to effective visualization, big data visualization, aesthetics, guidelines and boundaries.

For the past 15 years, Richard has focused particularly on the strategic use of visualization to enhance and expand commercial software products, including for example, one of the world’s largest market data vendors, multiple customer relationship management systems, and vertical applications such as network security, telecom analytics, supply chain visibility, data-mining, database optimization, e-Commerce and retail analytics. These visualizations are used in critical products every day by hundreds of thousands of users world-wide.

In addition to software products, Richard has worked extensively within financial services and brought analytics and visualizations to hedge funds, mutual funds, brokerages, stock exchanges, banks, regulators, and financial media organization. Solutions include strategy planning, real-time monitoring of financial market data, technical and fundamental analysis, options modeling, advanced visual analytics for portfolio modeling and optimization, trade and order management, anti-money laundering, marketing analytics, analytics of news, transcripts and social media. Solutions range across mobile devices, tablets, desktop, and web to large touch-based walls, and multi-story video walls.

Richard is actively involved in advocating and advancing the domain of visualization and analytics. In the research community, Richard delivered the opening keynote speech at the IV2009 conference and has published more than two dozen peer-reviewed research papers.  Richard has presented in more than 25 industry conferences.  Richard's client received the award “Innovation of the Year” in 2006 from Energy Risk publications.  Richard has a B.E.S. and B. Arch from the University of Waterloo, an M.Sc. in Computer Science from University of Toronto, and an in-progress part-time PhD at London South Bank University.