Paul Winghart


Paul Allen Winghart graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1998 completing a BA degree in Economics. Before founding Wing-O-Metrics L.L.C. and starting “your premier source for original economic content” Paul had been employed in the financial sector working as a Senior Fixed Income Strategist for a global wealth management company, achieving the level of Vice President. Based on the reputation earned over the years as a consistent prognosticator of economic fundamentals, Paul has also had the opportunity to speak at a number of events as well as serve as an adjunct professor of business for a local Twin Cities university. Additionally, Paul is a two-time nominee (2011, 2012) for selection into the Financial Advisor/Private Wealth magazine’s national Due Diligence/Research Manager All-Star Team and the author of ConsterNation!~The Economics Behind The Angst. Paul resides in St. Paul, MN.


Conversations: Podcast Interview with Paul Winghart

Conversations returns this week with Paul Winghart! After wrapping up a spectacular presentation for the Minneapolis Chapter, Paul spent some time with Tim Braun, CMT discussing his outlook on our current....
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