Jeff S. Weiss, CMT


Jeff Weiss, Chartered Market Technician, is Chief Technical Analyst at Clearview Trading Advisors, Inc. His stock market interest was sparked in the sixth grade back in 1969 when his math teacher gave each student a hypothetical $50,000 to invest. Jeff’s interest soon turned into fascination, as his dad drove him to the local brokerage office daily after school. At age 13 he committed his birthday money to the market - parlaying his funds into a 100% gain in shares of Mattel Toy and purchasing a 3-speed bicycle with the proceeds for transportation to the local brokerage offices. Heady with his beginner’s luck, he’s been a student and prognosticator of the market for the four-plus decades since, further refining his motivational technical analysis risk management approach for today’s volatile market climate.

After earning his B.A. degree in Economics at Rutgers University, Jeff joined the investment advisory firm of Indicator Digest in Palisades Park, New Jersey. In 1982 he joined E.F. Hutton and Company as a full-fledged technical analyst working for the legendary Newton Zinder, moving to Shearson Lehman Hutton with the merger in 1988. Jeff subsequently served as Chief Technical Analyst at Lehman Brothers before joining PaineWebber in April of 1993 in that same capacity. Following the merger which formed UBS/PaineWebber, Jeff also became their Chief Technical Analyst. He served in that role at several smaller firms in the New York City area, most recently joining Clearview Trading Advisors, Inc. in August 2014 - a firm with expertise in institutional order execution where he can introduce his technical analysis services and customized client work. He also publishes a weekly stock market comment, supplemental market and sector reports, and speaks with clients.

It was at E.F Hutton that Jeff developed the technical analysis risk-management approach to investing (TARMA), which evolved from his own personal trading experiences and observations - including the devastating 1973-74 bear market. Having devoted his entire professional life to the study of the stock market, his January 2017 book Relationship Investing – Stock Market Therapy For Your Money, was released in January 2017 to impart what Jeff believes are key investment rules for an investment lifetime. Its focus isn’t about how to become rich, but rather how not to become poor when investing one’s hard-earned capital.

Jeff has been a member of the Market Technicians Association since 1984, from which he earned his Chartered Market Technician (CMT) designation in 1989. He’s been a featured guest on Wall Street Week with Louis Rukeyser, and was a keynote speaker for 2014’s Money Management Institute conference in New York City with approximately 250 attendees. Jeff has also appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box, Fast Money, Talking Numbers, and Trading Nation shows. Jeff is a regular guest on Bloomberg Radio, and has also been quoted in Barron’s and Barron’s On-Line. He has addressed finance classes at Rutgers University, Cornell University’s Graduate Business School, New York University Business School, and Muhlenberg College, and was invited to be a featured speaker for the American Institute of CPA’s. He’s taught technical analysis to both local and international audiences at the New York Institute of Finance, and has served as a guest presenter on numerous stock market panels. He’s also spoken to the New York City Teachers in conjunction with the nationally recognized Stock Market Game.

Aside from the stock market Jeff greatly enjoys motivational public speaking, talking at schools to kids of all ages about the stock market and, of course, being with his family. He has two sons, and his wife is a “clean” cuisine consultant to the food industry.


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