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Indicator Templates/Formulae
 %b (Bollinger)
Absolute Breadth Index (Colby & Meyers)
Acceleration Factor (Colby & Meyers)
Accumulation Swing Index (MetaStock)
Accumulation/Distribution Chaikin (MetaStock)
Accumulation/Distribution Osc. (Aspen Graphics)
Accumulation/Distribution Williams (MetaStock)
Advance/Decline Divergence Osc. (Colby & Meyers)
Advance/Decline Line (Colby & Meyers)
Advance/Decline Non-Cumulative (Colby & Meyers)
Advance/Decline Ratio (The Technician)
Advisory Sentiment Index (Colby & Meyers)
Advisory Service Sentiment (Colby & Meyers)
ADX (TechniFilter)
ADXR (TechniFilter)
Arm's Ease of Movement Value
ARMS Index (Technical Trends); Originally called the "Trading Index"
ASE Short Interest Ratio
Average True Range (TechniFilter)
BandWidth (Bollinger)
Big Block Sales
Black Sholes Volatility (TechniFilter)
Bollinger Bands (Bollinger)
Bolton-Tremblay Indicator
Breadth Thrust (Technical Trends)
Chaikin level Peaks/Chaikin Oscillator
Chaikin Oscillator (TechniFilter)
Commodity Channel Index (CCI)
Commodity Selection Index (TechniFilter)
Confidence Index
Consumer Price Index (Colby & Meyers)
Cup with Handle
Demand Index (Colby & Meyers)
Demand Index (MetaStock)
Detrend (Advanced Trader)
Detrended Price Oscillator (MetaStock)
Diamond Formation
Directional Movement Index (Colby & Meyers)
Double Bottom
Double Top
Elliott Wave Principle
Equity Mutual Funds, Cash Flow
Equity Mutual Funds, Cash Flow Estimates
Equity Mutual Funds, Cash Percentage
Exponential Moving Averages
Flow of Funds, Asset Allocations
Flow of Funds, Net Change In Supply of Stock
Futures-Cash Market Spread
Gann (Advanced Trader)
Gann Angle (MetaStock)
Gap: Breakaway
Granville's Climax Indicator, or CLX
Gross Trinity Index (Colby & Meyers)
Haurlan Index (Colby & Meyers)
Head and Shoulders
Herrick Payoff Index (MetaStock)
High Low Logic Index (Colby & Meyers)
Insider Activity
Insider Buy Sell Ratio (Colby & Meyers)
Linearly Weighted Moving Average (Advanced Trader)
Low Priced Activity Ratio (Colby & Meyers)
Margin Debt
Margin Debt, Percent Of Market Value
McClellan Oscillator
McClellan Summation Index
Member Short Ratio
Misery Index (Colby & Meyers)
MKDS (Colby & Meyers)
Momentum Oscillators (Murphy, Pring)
Money Flow Index
Money Supply
Most Active Stocks, Average Price
Most Active Stocks, Breadth
Most Active Stocks, Volume
Moving Average Envelopes (Aspen Graphics)
Moving Averages (Colby & Meyers)
Mutual Fund Cash Position
Mutual Fund Cash/Asset Ratio (Colby & Meyers)
Negative Volume Index (The Technician)
New Equity Financing
New High-New Low Index
NY Short Interest Ratio (Technical Trends)
NYSE Short Interest Ratio
NYSE Short Interest Ratio
Odd Lot Buy/Sell Ratio
Odd Lot Short Sale Ratio
On Balance Volume
Open Interest (MetaStock)
Option Activity (Put/Call Ratio)
OTC Relative Volume
OTC to NYSE Volume Ratio
Overbought Oversold Indicators
Plurality Index (Technical Trends)
Positive Volume Index (The Technician)
Premium Ratio on Options (Colby & Meyers)
Price Dividend Ratio (Colby & Meyers)
Pub./Sec. Shorts NYSE
Public Short Ratio
Public Short Sales (Technical Trends)
Put/call Premium Ratio
Put/call volume ratio
Put-Volume Indicator (Bollinger)
Rate of Change
Ratio of Odd-Lot to Specialist Short
ROC (TechniFilter)
ROC Price (MetaStock)
ROC Volume (MetaStock)
Rounding Bottom
Rounding Top
Sensitivity Bands (Colby & Meyers)
Sentiment Polls, AAII Survey
Sentiment Polls, Consensus, Inc.
Sentiment Polls, Market Vane
Simple Moving Average
Specialist Short Interest Ratio (Colby & Meyers)
Specialist Short Sale Ratio
Speed Lines (MetaStock)
Squeeze (Bollinger)
Stochastic Oscillator (MetaStock), includes "slow" and "fast" Stochastics
Swing Index (TechniFilter)
TD Combo
TD Open
TD Sequential
TD Setup Trend (TDST)
TD Trap
The Coppock Indicator / System
The Coppock Indicator / System
Total Short Ratio
Trend Line
Triangle: Descending
TRIN (The Technician)
TRIN Open-10 (The Technician)
Trinity Index (Colby & Meyers)
TRIX (TechniFilter)
True Range
True Strength Index (TSI)
Valuations, Dividend Yields
Valuations, Market Value to GDP
Valuations, Price per dollar of dividends
Valuations, Price-earnings multiples
Valuations, Price-to-Book Value
Volume Accum. Osc. (Colby & Meyers)
Volume Oscillator (Colby & Meyers)
Volume UP Days/Down Days (Colby & Meyers)
Wall $treet Week Tech. Market Index (Colby & Meyers)
Wedge: Ascending
Weighted Moving Average
Wilder's RSI (Relative Strength Index)
Wilder's SAR: Stop and Reverse (Advanced Trader)
Wilder's Volatility (Advanced Trader)
Williams %R (Colby & Meyers)
Williams Accumulation/Distribution
Williams Ultimate Oscillator
Williams Variable Accum. Dist. (Colby & Meyers)

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