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»Register for the CMT(SM) Program
The Chartered Market Technician(SM) (CMT) Program has become a widely-accepted standards examination series for proficiency in technical analysis.  The CMT Program is developed and administered by the Market Technicians Association (MTA). The CMT designation is useful in all aspects of the marketplace whether by individuals, employers, clients or the media and is an essential part of certifying a high level of ability in technical analysis.

All CMT candidates must join the MTA in order to register for the CMT program and exams. Upon completion, candidates may receive the CMT designation only if they are Members in good standing of the MTA.  Members or Affiliates are not at any point required to take the CMT exams.

»Receive the MTA Technically Speaking newsletter (monthly)
Save the non-MTA member annual subscription rate of $ 240.00US . Technically Speaking keeps membership up-to-date on MTA news and topics of interest in technical analysis from around the world. This publication communicates ideas and opinions from the cutting edge of technical thought as well as relaying important messages from the administration and committees of the MTA. Technically Speaking is also available in electronic format for all MTA Members and Affiliates on

»Receive the Journal of Technical Analysis (annually)
Save the non-MTA member annual 2-issue subscription rate of $50.00US. The Journal of Technical Analysis (formerly known as the MTA Journal) is published annually by the MTA to promote investigation and research into the price and volume activities of the world's financial markets.  In addition to being sent to members and affiliates, the JTA is distributed to academics and as well as libraries in the United States, Canada, Europe and other countries. The journal serves as a showcase of the latest studies in technical analysis.  All past issues are available for purchase on CD ROM.

»Use the extensive MTA Library
Save the non-MTA member annual fee for Library privileges of  $100.00US. The MTA Library, lost in the World Trade Center disaster, has been rebuilt with the latest editions of technical books along with popular older editions donated by MTA Membership. As well, the library of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles has been integrated with the new MTA Library to produce one of the most comprehensive collections of cycles and technical information anywhere. Members and Affiliates in-good standing can now request books on-line from the 3,000 volumes available in the combined libraries. Books, tapes, videotapes and journals are continually being added to our collection which is available on

»Have access to the MTA Website
As an MTA Member or Affiliate in good standing, you will be able to post links to your own professional website on  This will allow fellow professionals to visit your site and enjoy on-going business activities of potential benefit to both parties.

»Attend Chapter Meetings
As an MTA Member or Affiliate in good standing, you will be able to attend in person special educational meetings designed to keep technical analysis professionals fully informed on the latest improvements in the field. Besides constantly upgrading one's professional competencies, these meetings provide a singular opportunity to network with colleagues, exchange ideas and develop business relations that can provide valuable connections to the professional technical analyst.

»Receive a reduced rate for the MTA Education Seminar (New York, NY) and the Mid Winter Retreat (Miami, FL)
The MTA brings together professionals involved in technical analysis by hosting these seminars.  This access to the very best in the industry opens a door for a new Affiliate to the masters in the field, highly-regarded experts with years of experience and a desire to share their knowledge and expertise. This is also a great opportunity for new Affiliates to bring fresh ideas into the ring and sharpen their technical thinking through the time and advice of the giants of technical analysis.

»Have access to the Financial Career Headquarters
Looking for the ideal position and best fit within any company can be made significantly easier with the help of people who have the knowledge and connections to steer the candidate in the right direction. The Financial Career Headquarters allows you to post your resume at no charge. 

»Receive discounts available only to MTA Members and Affiliates on a number of products and merchanidise
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