44th Annual Symposium

The Symposium was fantastic. I have attended 12 or 13 of them and at every one I’ve attended, I have come away learning something new.

-Managing Director of Technical Research, Fidelity, Boston, MA

The advocacy of technical analysis continues to grow. The industry is now recognizing the CMT designation as being an integral part of the investment professional. That is something that would not have happened without the MTA doing the work to support all of the professionals in this room.

-Director of Technical Strategy, Fidelity, London, UK

I have been impressed by the professionalism in the organization which has blossomed since my first foray into the MTA. It’s always a pleasure to come every year and hear more and more insightful perspectives on the market.

-Portfolio Manager, Wellington Management, Boston, MA

It’s a wonderful group of people to have in such a great setting. This is an accepting community that has a depth of expertise that is really quite diverse.

-Partner, Uncharted Software, Toronto, Canada

I think the big value of the MTA is the friendship and I would really put that out first. But secondly it moved the discipline ahead by making it more credible and establishing parameters so it becomes scientifically tested. That’s what the MTA does. It makes technical analysis better.

-Larry Williams, Author of Commodity Trader

The #1 thing I’ve taken away from the symposium is the value of trend following as a lot of speakers talked about the value of trend following and momentum, and staying on the right side of the trend. The great line of speakers was simply outstanding and that keeps me coming back every year.

-Senior Technical Analyst, StockCharts.com, Mechelen, Belgium

The conference has been great. Very dynamic. It always has been, but each year is getting better. This year was even more interactive. They had a great combination of speakers, good panel discussions, and of course great networking opportunities as well.

-Senior Tactical Strategist, ECU Group, London, UK

In this market environment, you have to have all sorts of tools and one critical piece of that toolkit is the technical analytical tool. I will confess, I am a convert. Early in my career the asset management group that I was in beat into me “fundamentalism.” But technicals build a lot of human behavior into the assessment of price discovery. Its super important to understand. It [technical analysis] is widespread throughout the hedge fund industry. I’ll make a prediction for you, the next 40 years for the MTA are going to be even better than the last 40 years.

-Founder, SkyBridge Capital, New York, NY

This was very special because of the recognition by the industry. To be lumped into the group of people who founded this great organization is overwhelming. If you had told the founding members 50 years ago that we would be in such an extraordinary banquet tonight, they wouldn’t have believed it.

-Walter Deemer, Founding Member and Past President, Market Technicians Association

In some conferences, you don’t get as much solid information as I have gained from this event. This was money well spent and I would definitely want to attend the next conference.

-Portfolio Manager, AQR Capital Management, Greenwich, CT

You only need two or three good takeaways to capture the value of the whole event.

-Director, RRG Research, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The caliber of the speakers is great as is the level of the attendees. This event is just fabulous.

-Portfolio Manager, Westfield Group, Cleveland, OH

It has been great. Such great speakers and presentations. It’s also such a wonderful time to comet and network with people in the industry.

-Founder and Global CEO, Optuma, Charlotte, NC

Coming to these events and understanding what your peers are doing is a great opportunity for networking and adding a few things to your process.

-Charting and Data Visualization Specialist, Bloomberg LP, New York, USA

Annual Symposium Agenda

Symposium Overview

Annual Symposium 2017 LogoGain expert guidance from the industry’s top performers and best practices in technical analysis at the CMT Association’s 44th Annual Symposium. The 2017 Symposium will explore the theoretical frameworks popularized in behavioral finance through vigorously validated elements of technical analysis; leaving attendees with insights to navigate uncertain global markets across asset classes.

Featuring a global network of attendees and built-in networking sessions, delegates will leave New York with new skills and an expanded professional network. Are you ready to put your knowledge to work for your firm, your clients, and your portfolio?

Confirmed Speakers

Ralph Acampora, CMT Gary Anderson
Tucker Balch, Ph.D Eric Balchunas James Bianco, CMT
Larry Berman, CMT, CTA, CFA Richard Brath Alex Cole
Aswath Damodaran Stephen Duneier John Gagliardi, CMT
Robin Griffiths Corey Hoffstein Erez Katz Paul Krikler
Richard Lehman Hank Pruden, Ph.D. Russell Rhoads, CFA
Barry Ritholtz George A. Schade, CMT Katie Stockton, CMT
Andrew Thrasher, CMT Alan R. Shaw, CMT
Dan Wantrobski, CMT Mike Webster Jeff S. Weiss, CMT Tony Welch, CFA, CMT

Key BenefitsTake these learning outputs away with you:

  • Connect with the Industry – Cultivate relationships with industry leaders and value generators from around the world. Meet with potential new partners, clients or future colleagues.
  • Apply Technical Analysis – Incorporate new tools with discipline and objectivity to remove subjective bias from your process across asset classes
  • Implement Macro Strategy – Develop a top down investment strategy to understand the global economic landscape and implement best practice in tactical asset allocation
  • Fuse Multiple Disciplines – Combine classical technical analysis with emerging quantitative methods for improved momentum, mean reversion, volatility trading strategies and more
  • Learn & Adapt – Attend sessions that unpack behavioral psychology and decision making frameworks to closely track your performance at key investment decisions
  • Embrace New Technology – Learn to collect, analyze and visualize data with the latest techniques from industry leading firms
  • Prove Your Worth – Apply technical analysis as a means of risk management in the portfolio context

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about attending the CMT Association Symposium? Take a look below at some of those that we are most typically asked, along with our responses. We’d love to hear from you if there is anything else we can help with.

Who should attend?
Portfolio managers, traders, allocators, wealth managers, quantitative system developers, and research analysts – both buy-side or sell-side. Presentations are aimed for a professional audience with certain assumed knowledge of the industry. However, the tenure of attendees is extremely diverse, ranging from associates in their first few years to industry veterans with decades of experience.

How many other attendees will there be?
The CMT Association Symposium is designed to be a dynamic learning environment enabling one-to-one and small group discussions amongst attendees and speakers as well as large format presentations and panel discussions where the CMT Association’s mobile technology allows a moderated Q&A even for keynote sessions. The number of attendees has increased each of the past 4 years. We expect roughly 300 total attendees.

What is the preferred dress code?
Business attire is preferred for the kickoff on Wednesday evening and celebration Thursday night; business-casual attire is common at the conference and you can expect a professional learning and relaxed networking environment over the two days.

How can I pay?
We accept payment online via Credit Card or Debit Card. If you require an invoice to pay by check, please email admin@mta.org.