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Last Updated Thursday June 15, 2017

NEW! e-book study tools to sharpen study effectiveness and reduce study time

CMT candidates now have a powerful tool available to them. They can get CMT Program official highlights done FOR them in their Wiley-published e-book version of the CMT curriculum. The highlights display the answers to each learning objective in every chapter. They actually highlight the most important part of each book! These highlights are available by subscribing to from within the e-book platform.  Here is a link to a video which explains the process and demonstrates the new study tools.

Grading process explained; general expectations for pass rates published

CMT candidates taking exams in the calendar year 2017 and beyond will find that they have to wait about three weeks to get their scores. The MTA has added steps to improve the security as well as the psychometric validity of the exams. Exam information is now more secure than ever and test-taking practices are scrutinized more thoroughly. To improve the quality and validity of the subject matter in exams, new questions are written and implemented every year. Each question is carefully vetted and the performance for the question is thoroughly reviewed. In the new process, any question found to create anomalous results is researched to determine its viability. Once all questions have been vetted, the scoring process is completed and candidates are notified of results. This process takes about three weeks.

This new process does not influence the pass rates overall, but may have impact on the passing score (also known as the “cut score”) causing this measure to vary slightly from one exam to the next. Level I and level II exams are equated to previously verified exams to establish equivalent levels of difficulty. The following detail is shared by way of information only and is in no way intended to establish an ongoing policy or firmly constrain upcoming exams, but this table is intended to help candidates prepare to pass the exam:


Exam              Where cut score is likely to be               Historic rates of candidates passing
Level I                            78  –  83  (out of 120)                         50 to 70%
Level II                         103 – 108  (out of 150)                         50 to 60%
Level III                        112 – 148  (out of 240)                         60 to 70%

2017 Curriculum

The 2017 edition of the Market Technicians Association curriculum for the Level I, Level II and Level III exams will be available near the start of the new year. These books are available for purchase directly from Wiley at this link: CMT Curriculum.

Book Pricing

For 2017 the price for the book at each level is $225.  You can purchase the curriculum in e-book form now but the printed copy is not yet available for sale just yet. It will be available in the next few days. When the printed copy is available for sale you will be able to purchase both the printed copy and the eBook as a bundle for the price of $270. The eBook is available for download immediately after your purchase and will be viewable on the VitalsourceTM  platform. The printed copy of the book will arrive through normal shipping.

Content Changes

The new curriculum has minor updates on all three levels compared to the previous editions. Students who purchased the 2016 curriculum in anticipation of using it for 2017 may find that their study source is acceptable enough to study since the changes for the 2017 still follow the same topics, even though improved readings have been substituted in some cases. However to help in this regard we are making a complete list of the readings available here (see below).

Level 1 (Click to Enlarge)
Level I Readings 2017

Level 2 (Click to Enlarge)

Level II Readings 2017

Level 3 (Click to Enlarge) 

Level III Readings 2017