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MTA Educational Foundation (MTAEF)

MTA Educational FoundationMTA Educational Foundation (MTAEF)

The Market Technicians Association established the MTA Educational Foundation in 1993 to support and fund education in Technical Analysis on the college level.  The missions were to demonstrate to academia the validity of the notion that prices that trade freely can be used to anticipate future direction of movement, that “the economy” and “stocks” are not “the market” and “companies”, that investor expectations differ widely from a “random walk” and that those expectations are (probabilistically) quantifiable and useful in forecasting.

Witness the plethora of new research in “Behavioral Finance”, academia’s growing acceptance of sentiment analysis, “Quantitative Analysis”, an aspect of TA’s intermarket analysis, and “Momentum Investing”, the fundamentalists’ recognition of trends.

Origin of the Foundation

The Foundation was organized as a 501(c)3 corporation, so that it can accept tax-deductable donations, differing from the MTA, which as a 501(c)6 corporation, cannot do so.  Because of its tax status, the Foundation was put in charge of the MTA library; the library can offer tax deductions for donations of books and other technical materials.  The Foundation was instrumental in moving the MTA library to Baruch College in New York, thereby enabling professional librarians to oversee it, while maintaining long term ownership of the whole collection. The MTA is a major contributor to the Foundation, but the MTAEF runs several fundraisers every year, seeking contributions from the public, primarily from people in the financial business who see the value in its endeavors.

Organization of the Foundation

The MTAEF has its own Board of Directors, which always includes the MTA President and often one or several other MTA Board members, but the MTAEF Board is independent. MTAEF Board members do not have specific terms and serve at their mutual agreement with the rest of the Board.  There is a monthly meeting conducted by teleconference.  There are currently 13 Board members from the technical community and academia.  The MTAEF also has an Advisory Panel and an International Advisory panel, which include prominent technicians and academics who are available to give advice and offer wisdom on technical and academic matters.  The MTAEF newsletter appears regularly with the latest news and information.

Fulfilling Our Mission

The MTAEF is currently offering several methods of technical analysis education on the college level:

  1. A 12-lecture course, consisting of lecture notes, PowerPoint charts, tests, homework, and exhibits.  For complete information, click here.
  2. A one 3-hour or two 2-hour introductory lecture.
  3. In partnership with the University of Maine at Fort Kent, an online course in technical analysis

The MTAEF welcomes the interest and support from MTA members who may have college connections or may who have an interest in teaching or want to help in any way. Contact us today!


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