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Contacting the MTA Staff

Tim Licitra
Executive Director / CEO

Tim Licitra - Managing Director of Development, MTATim Licitra has been with the MTA since 2005. As the Executive Director, Tim is responsible for the day-to-day operation and administration of the Market Technicians Association.

Tim leads the MTA staff in the execution of strategic initiatives set by the Board of Directors. Contact Tim if you have any questions regarding operational procedures. // 646-652-3300 ext. 14

Market Technicians Association
61 Broadway, Suite 514
New York, NY 10006


Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

* See our calendar of events for office closings

Maya Ganguly
communications manager

Maya Ganguly - Communications ManagerMaya Ganguly joined the MTA in 2014 as the Communications Manager. Maya is responsible for digital asset management and outbound communications for the association.

Additionally, Maya is responsible for website updates and the ongoing development of online member services. // 646-652-3300 ext. 15

Emily E.A. Meyer
Volunteer Manager

Emily E.A. MeyerEmily Meyer joined the MTA in 2014. As a Customer Services Specialist, Emily is responsible for front office operations and member services requests.

Emily will also assist in the efficient operation of volunteer committees and coordination of special events and programs. // 646-652-3300 ext. 16

Fran Melville
Marketing Director

Fran Melville - Marketing ManagerAs the MTA’s Marketing Director, Fran leads public relations and communications activities for the MTA.

Coordinating various regional and chapter events will give MTA members many opportunities to meet Fran and provide feedback on how to improve member services. // 646-652-3300 ext. 18

Marie Penza
Member Services Director

Marie Penza - Member Services DirectorMarie Penza has been with the MTA since 2003. As the Member Services Director, Marie is responsible for the administration and scheduling of the CMT Program.

Additionally, Marie handles administrative duties for the MTA Board of Directors, coordination of the Dow & Annual Awards, and general membership inquiries. // 646-652-3300 ext. 12

Angel Montemayor
Office Assistant

Angel Montemayor - Office AssistantAngel Montemayor has been with the MTA since 2009. As the Office Assistant, Angel is responsible for membership renewals and student membership inquiries.

Angel distributes regular customer satisfaction surveys, handles student orientation requests, and provides support to other staff members. // 646-652-3300 ext. 17

Gordon Scott, CMT
Managing Director of the cmt program

Gordon Scott, CMTGordon Scott has been an active member of the MTA since '06. Over the last 10 years, he has coached over 1,000 investors on the use of technical analysis in their trading decisions.

He joins the MTA as the Managing Director of the CMT Program, overseeing all aspects of the Program from the body of knowledge to exam grading. // 646-652-3300 ext. 13

Tyler Wood
Managing director of global business development

Tyler Wood - Managing Director of Global Business DevelopmentTyler Wood joined the MTA in 2011. Tyler manages strategic partners internationally and new business opportunities.

Tyler's role puts specific emphasis on directing a clear and consistent brand presentation for the MTA and the CMT Program. Enriching member services and coordinating the efforts of volunteers continues to be a primary focus. // 646-652-3300 ext. 19


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