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Charles H Dow Award

Charles H Dow - Award for Technical Analysis ExcellenceIn 1994 the MTA established the Charles H. Dow award to highlight outstanding research in technical analysis. The Award has received over 160 submissions, and recognized 17 papers for their excellence. Of the 21 authors/coauthors who have won, eight have gone on to publish books based on their submissions to the Charles H. Dow Award. Winners have presented at the MTA Annual Symposium, local chapter meetings, and participated in MTA podcasts and/or educational web-series. The Award carries a prize of $5,000 and is presented at the MTA Gala Awards Dinner held in New York City each April.

The Charles H. Dow Award embodies excellence and creativity in the field of Technical Analysis. Winning papers have created successful trading systems, insights into theories of how markets function and have represented the richness and depth of technical analysis. 

Winners have been mentioned in various media outlets including: Barron’s, Bloomberg News, CNBC, CNN Money, Investing Daily, Minyanville, the Street, Thomson Reuters, and the Wall Street Journal.

MTA Members are dedicated to increasing the depth of technical analysis across disciplines with the ultimate aim of expanding the knowledge and practice of technical analysis. The competition represents this dedication, and the winning submission is distributed to our vast membership spanning 85 countries and approximately 4500 members.

The competition is open to all practitioners and academics. The submission will be judged based on its ability to enhance the understanding of market action, the concepts of technical analysis, and thorough research.  Additional information on the Standards of Judgment, included within the Guidelines for Submissions.

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Amber Hestla-Barnhart Honored as 2015 Dow Award Winner

Amber Hestla BarnhartThe Market Technicians Association is pleased to announce the winner of the 2015 Charles H. Dow Award as Amber Hestla-Barnhart for her submission, “Fixing the Vix: An Indicator to Beat Fear.”

The 2015 submissions represented a diverse and competitive array of research. The MTA is proud to recognize an outstanding paper that Demonstrates the Value of Technical Analysis to Active Asset Management.

Abstract: Volatility is widely considered to be a category of technical indicators with a simple interpretation - no matter how it is measured, volatility is widely believed to rise in a market downturn. This approach is applied to indicators such as the Average True Range (ATR), Bollinger Bands® BandWidth or the most widely followed volatility indicator, VIX, which is formally known as the CBOE Volatility Index®.

VIX is widely known as the “Fear Index” because it often increases when the stock market drops and the fear of further price declines increases. While this concept sounds useful, there are significant limitations to executing trading strategies based on VIX and these limitations make VIX virtually useless for the average investor.

Although it is not widely followed, there is a simple volatility indicator available in the public domain that can be used to implement trading strategies based on the concept of VIX. This indicator, the VIX Fix developed by Larry Williams, overcomes the limitations of VIX. This paper will explain the VIX Fix and introduce a quantitative trading strategy to profit from rising fear.

In this paper, I will briefly review what VIX is, highlight some of the limitations of VIX, describe an alternative to VIX and then provide test results demonstrating how well the VIX Fix works. The main focus of the paper is on the test results.

The full version of their paper can be found by visiting here.

Charles H Dow
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