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CMT Required Reading

The CMT Program is designed for SELF-STUDY!

The CMT Board of Governors has recommended the following minimum study hours for CMT exams, based on having a general college education and work experience in the financial markets.

CMT Exam Level 1 -- 100 hours
CMT Exam Level 2 -- 140 hours
CMT Exam Level 3 -- 160 hours

Recommended study time differs from person to person based on experience with the subject, time working in the field and prior knowledge of technical analysis. However a significant effort is required on the part of all candidates wishing to successfully complete the 3 exam levels.

Books for the CMT Program are not sold through the Market Technicians Association. A limited number of copies are available to members and affiliates for short-term loan through the MTA Library. Failure to return loaned books will incur a substantial fine. Books can be purchased through the MTA Trader's Library website (

This website was created to offer all MTA Members and Affiliates the CMT recommended assignments at the lowest price. If you have any questions regarding your purchases from this website, please contact Becky Dean at

2014 Required Reading Assignments

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