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Frequently Asked Questions

These Frequently Asked Questions include information about the CMT® exams and program, as well as study advice for all levels, grading information, etc.  Please let us know if there is a FAQ that you wish to see answered, as we will update this report from time to time.

Registration & Fees

  1. When is the exam held?
  2. Where is the CMT exam held?
  3. Where is the Prometric test center nearest me?
  4. How do I enroll in the CMT Program?
  5. How do I register for an exam?
  6. What are the CMT Program and Exam fees?
  7. What is the MTA Veterans Reimbursement Policy?
  8. Can I take multiple exams at once?
  9. How long does a candidate have to successfully complete the entire CMT Program?
  10. How many times are candidates allowed to take the exam?  For example, if a candidate does not pass, are they eliminated from taking the exam for a certain amount of time?
  11. Can I change the test center I was assigned to?
  12. What is the MTA "No Show" Policy?
  13. Can I reschedule my exam?
  14. How do I withdraw from an exam? Will I lose the application fee?

Body of Knowledge

  1. What are the required readings for the CMT exams?
  2. Where can I find sample questions for the CMT Exams?
  3. What other sources of information should candidates refer to in order to better understand the exam material?
  4. How important are the questions on the MTA Code of Ethics?
  5. Is ALL of the material in the required readings covered in the exams?
  6. Are candidates required to memorize ALL formulas contained in the required readings?

Format of the Exam

  1. How much time are candidates given to complete each exam?
  2. What is the length and format of the exams?
  3. What is the composition of each exam?
  4. Are all exam items scored?

Preparation and Training

  1. What is the recommended order for reading the assigned books?
  2. Does the MTA offer preparation courses for the CMT Exams?
  3. What is the CMT Newsletter?  How can I sign up for it?
  4. Using resources offered by the MTA, what is the best way to establish study groups for CMT preparation?

Day of Exam

  1. What should I bring to the test center?
  2. What constitutes a valid form of ID?
  3. Can I take the CMT exam with testing accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?


  1. How are the exams graded?
  2. Do typographical and grammatical errors affect your Level III score?
  3. What is the passing score for each level of the exam?
  4. Why doesn't the MTA provide candidates with their actual score?
  5. Is there a process for challenging a failing score?
  6. Is there a review process for exam scores?
  7. How long are the CMT tests and scores maintained on file?
  8. When are exam results released?


  1. Once a candidate completes all three exams, what other requirements are there in order to receive the CMT designation?
  2. How is the CMT designation actually conferred and when is the physical charter document received?
  3. Once a CMT designation is awarded, what requirements must be maintained?
  4. Under what circumstances can the CMT designation be revoked?
  5. What basic education is required for the CMT?
  6. Are there any exemptions for the CMT exams?
  7. Can you apply for member status within the MTA before completing all three exams?
  8. Is there a list of members willing to sponsor affiliates applying for member status?


If you have additional questions about the CMT Program and cannot find your answer on this page, please contact the MTA staff for immediate assistance.

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CMT FAQs - Table of Contents

Registration & Fees
Body of Knowledge
Format of the Exam
Preparation and Training
Day of the Exam

If you have additional questions about the CMT Program and cannot find your answer in these FAQs, please contact the MTA staff for assistance.


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